Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why Paleo?

Why paleo? Well it started out of curiousity and frustration. Not that I have tried every diet out there, but enough that I know they aren't working for me. At least not anymore and not long term. I was frustrated with counting calories and all the tracking. I feel that is not how people should be living. I shouldn't have to spend all day writing down my foods for the rest of my life. I don't want to do it. Well my place of employment offered a free seminar from Nutrition Weight and Wellness. It was so eye opening. The speaker broke it down and explained how our bodies react to certian foods, what we should eat, and what not to eat. I was excited. It made sense and seemed easy enough to do, but how do I start? I then found their podcast Dishing Up Nutrition. Fantastic! More help and information. I wrote down everything that could help get me started. I even started drinking only water and (because water only for me is kinda difficult) almond milk. I plan to eventually cut out the milk too. I also switched to butter. Also where I could I made better food choices. No bread, no corn, no rice, nothing fried and cooked in vegitable oil, more eggs, beef, fish, and vegitables. I changed what I could. It wasn't perfect and in 2 weeks I lost 5lbs. That may not happen for everyone, but it was encouraging. I was even more exciting. So I started looking for other podcast to listen to. I then found Livin' LaVida Low-Carb with Jimmy Moore. It was fantastic. He had so many guest from various backgrounds to share experiences and facts on eating low carb/paleo. From there I found other blogs and podcast to EDUCATE myself. That is the key to weightloss or better health. Education. Once you know what choices to make and what to buy it becomes second nature and you start doing it. I find myself going ok I'm going to this place I can eat this, this, and that and I'll be ok in a pinch. At the grocery store that same thing. You will naturally begin to make better choices. Everything is a choice. So listening to one of Jimmy's podcast he was speaking with Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon(Listen Here). In a few words the conversation was about finding a health role model. After listen to a few of Jimmy's podcast I started looking for African American's who eat the same way. I didn't find any with blogs or podcast. I then reached out to Jimmy to see if he knew any. He only knew of one, but that's a start and encouraged me to start a blog. I had been thinking about it and after finding there was possibly only one blogger I decided to do it. So I hope that answered the question. Probably not, but that's why I am trying paleo. I've tried many other diets I figured why not try paleo. It is the opposite of what we are typically are told to eat, but if typical makes me fat then why not try the opposite. If you find another African American who is paleo please share. Please also follow Michelle's Low Carb Lifestyle


  1. I'm so happy I found your blog. I recently started doing some research on the paleo lifestyle, and I too wanted to hear from people who "looked like me" I guess. Ultimately, I guess a human is a human is a human, but there's something to be said about learning from people who may have had a similar cultural upbringing. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Oh I understand. I hope the information I find can be helpful to you. Thanks for reading.