Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quick Meal Ideas - Mason Jar Meals

So I was looking through Apartment Therapy (my fave site) and saw a post on making mason jar meals. They are cute and earth friendly because the jars can be reused and won't stain like plastic. If jars are not convient for you you could always use what you have, but I thought it was a cute idea. One of the comments was from a user who said they was paleo. After looking at their site they cook various meals and not just paleo, but whether you eat paleo or just making healthier choices I think the recipies look good. I'm going to try one or two out and post my results in a few days. Here is the link for the other site Big Red Kitchen that has some great recipies to choose from. Let me know if you try any out and how it works for you.

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