Saturday, January 5, 2013


This is my first post of 2013 so Happy New Year!!! One of my goals for 2013 is to post more. I will elaborate more in my next post, but now I wanted to share my plan for today. Today I will be going to the store to do some grocery shopping. I need to restock my fridge and pantry with a few items. Below is my list and pictures will be posted soon.

Boneless chicken breast
Avocado (love this stuff)
Bell peppers
Apples (red & green)
Coconut Oil
Brussel Sprouts

This seems like a short list, but as a single girl it will do for the next week or two. I usually do major shopping about every two weeks and pick up smaller items during the week is necessary. However this is it. I like to keep things simple. I've trained my taste buds to accept what some call bland. This saves me time and money. We will see how long this last and I will post what I make with these delicious foods. A post will up tomorrow on some of my prep for the week. I baked some chicken last night that will last mew a few days so I may not need to cook anything else till mid-week. That is it for now. I hope everyone had a great New Years and Christmas.

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